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Does P-Valley Really Need An Advisory Warning?

Has it gotten a little too real at the PYNK?

One of our most well known social media influencers, comedian Lil Duval recently sparked a social media debate as he criticized the Starz series P-Valley for its explicit content involving men. I’ll just leave it at that until we get past the spoiler alert.

As many of you know, the show is about a Mississippi strip club that has an ensemble of colorful characters including the much loved Uncle Clifford, Mercedes and the topic of said explicit scene “Lil Murda”.

With the setting at hand you can almost anticipate there is sex, drugs, drinking and all sorts of vices happening at the Pynk. The pole is literally on most promotional flyers but I digress.

Ok here is the *Spoiler Alert*

If you haven’t tuned in to the show here is a warning…Go watch so we can really talk.

So, Lil Murda has had a relationship with the for mentioned Uncle Clifford. Uncle Clifford, the house Muva and part owner of the Pynk who is covered in flashy jewelry, long nails, bright outfits with his sweet cheeks out and his neatly maintained facial hair. That’s Uncle Clifford though and we’re going to stick beside him. Lil Murda is an local rapper on the rise who isn’t trying to come out of the closet and ruin his career before it even begins because of his fear of what the streets will say. This was an ongoing storyline in the previous season so, yes, these are two men who have engaged in an onscreen sexual relationship.

In the latest season however, we see Lil Murda engaging in a steamy scene with another male and this one is a tad bit more intense. (or is it?) These two seem to have an emotional connection and shared trauma. They show the two using condoms, promoting safe sex and then they get to it and it’s intense as I stated.

About as intense as the girl on girl screen with Mercedes and her very wealthy boo AND his wife. Had to clench my pearls on that one.

Now on our internet streets I’ve yet to see anyone comment on the intensity of the threesome or the scene with the two ladies having sex on screen. Yet, I saw many posts over the last week saying that they are done with P-Valley because it’s gone too far. I’ve seen social posts condemning straight men for watching the show at all. I’ve also seen it compared to Empire and Power (the Tariq Book, the best chapter but whatever) and a part of the agenda against Black men.

And personally, I don’t get it.

It may not be for me to get though. But speaking as someone who just doesn’t squirm at watching sex scenes (more please, and thank you!) I just don’t see the difference.

I’m not offended. I’m not embarrassed. And I’m also not watching with my children or anyone else under age that I should need a warning.

We watch scenes on these cable networks that include explicit scenes everyday. We’ve been seeing softcore porn on cable for years.

So, does P-Valley and other shows that include homosexual love scenes need a more graphic warning or are we being too sensitive when it comes to this programming?

Chime in, let's discuss it!

Re-Kenya Roberson is an author, creative consultant, mom, and a bunch of other things that you won't actually remember later. Follow her on Instagram @iamrekenya

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