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Self-care is more than a trend

How you decide to care for you is none of anyone's business.

Just imagine it: You've spent a nice amount of money at Target getting facial products, new pajamas and you stopped at Starbucks before heading home to relax and binge watch a show. You want to show off your new masks for your Instagram followers and then you scroll by your favorite Instagram vixen and see her with a new bag on the beach with her $1,000 hair extensions and perfect body. She looks so peaceful like she's living the dream life. In those few seconds you totally forget about the things you just bought and how peaceful you just felt. Now you feel as if you're not doing enough. This is the everyday mood for so many people who desperately need a few moments of self-care and self -appreciation and put it to the side in the pursuit of competing and pleasing others. Check out this full story in our spring issue at

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